Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Image transfers - always learning more

I've been working on image transfers for some time now, and I must say that internet has been the greatest source of information on that subject. Still, you can't learn all the tricks by just reading instructions, you have to try. And that's what I've been doing - a lot! To be honest, I haven't been too happy with the results until I tried using inkjet transparencies, inspired by this. Here's three test pieces:

1. I applied gesso to the book page just to get some whiteness on the background. After it was dry I applied gel medium on the page, then placed the image on it and rubbed. Finally I just pulled off the transparency and the image was succesfully transferred.

With the next two images, I used only gesso to transfer the image, not gel medium at all! It worked quite as well.

2. I applied a thick layer of gesso on the page and while it was still wet, I placed the image on it, rubbed and pulled off.

3. I used less gesso, placed the image on the page and rubbed only the center area to get more fragile-looking edges.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Look what I've got!

Once again, I found lovely old books from flea market. I paid 0,65€ for these five novels altogether! My plan is to use them in my artwork, but now that I look at them piled up on my table, looking so pretty and vintage... maybe I'll just leave them alone, we'll see about that.

These cute little brooches I purchased from Boqinana's Etsy store. Isn't it just the best part of a day, when you find a nice parcel from your mailbox? I love the feeling!

Friday, 20 July 2007

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Crafty season continues

The ripple blanket is growing nicely, and now it's got a brand new partner: a craft bag! I really needed a bag to carry my unfinished crafts from one room to another or to the balcony or the beach... or wherever I wanna do my knittings or crochetings. And now my yarns and sticks for current projects stay neatly in one place.

I used heavy linen, that I had saved for oil painting surface, but which had stayed unused in closet for many years. The Stitch'n bitch image is from Debbie Stoller's fantastic book . I scanned it, printed on textile transfer paper and ironed it onto white cotton.

At this point, the blanket still fits in the bag...

"Revolutionizing the knitting circle". That's right sister!

Ripple blanket is 130 cm wide and appr. 90 cm long now. So it's not meant to cover the whole bed. Well, a single bed maybe..

P.S. The dark stripe looks almost black in these photos, but it's actually chocolate brown. Just a little detail, but wanted to mention it.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Being hooked

I should be making art for the exhibition I have in October. But instead, I've been hooked on crochet! I'm making a ripple blanket and I just can't stop. Crocheting is very fun, relaxing, meditative... and obsessive. I started with old leftover yarns, just to practise a little, but then I had to buy more yarn and turn it into a serious project.

I thought these colours looked very nice and bright together like this. But I'm not sure they look that good in ripples...

here I'm still very happy with the results...

but here I'm starting to wonder...

Anyway, the project is moving on. If the colour combination turns out to be terrible, I'm just gonna have to make another blanket (maybe in the next lifetime).

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Blogging in english

I thought I should try this in english... It's good practice for me, and more importantly -understandable for the most people.
So, today I went to a nearby forrest to pick mushrooms with my friend. There were millions of mosquitos, but we survived and even found some chantarelles. They are so delicious! I'm gonna fry them with onions and maybe a drop of cream. That's the traditional summer holiday food for me.