Saturday, 4 August 2007

ATC swap with birdies

I took part in Hiekkaoliivi's ATC swap for the first time. The theme was birds. I sent these four cards:

...and I received these beauties:

They are from Jansky, Ansku, Anne S. and Elina. Thank you for everyone! Kiitos!


alice k. said...

Hei, I like your birds!
Thanks for the instructions on using transparencies and gesso. I have a stupid question: should the printed side face the gesso? I'm kind of guessing yes, but I want to be sure...

-mari- said...
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-mari- said...

Thank you! Yes, the printed side of the transparency facing the gesso.

And it's good to reverse images before printing (especially texts) because they'll become mirror images after transferring.