Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Diary of dreams

I've kept a lot of diaries, but somehow they all end before the last page. Well, is it a bad thing even? I don't know. A certain period of life comes to an end and so does a diary. Then there are times when I don't keep any record of my life what so ever.
My art journal project has started very slowly. I got a little frustrated because my cheap note book has so crappy pages that I can't use much paint on them. That is a serious limit. So I just had to order a real moleskine!!

Two years ago I kept a dream diary quite actively. I wrote down my dreams almost every morning, if I was able to remember them. Sometimes I made quick drawings to get all the ridiculous details before I'd forget them. This is one of those drawings, a hotel with three very small rooms and a luxus room with four doors. Very interesting dream it was.

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