Sunday, 6 April 2008


I never used to be a big fan of YouTube, until recently. I've found a whole new world of art tutorials and crafters How To Videos there! One of my favorites is suziblutube. Here's a link to her video about image transfers. She has a whole series of videos about different mixed media techniques and art journaling. And she does it all with her own fun personal touch.

And here's my work in progress. I found some lovely images of the six wives of Henry VIII, and of course I had to make transfers right away. They are in color this time, although the quick photo I took, doesn't show it properly. I'm planning on continuing with some collaged elements, not sure yet. Maybe this will be one of those looong projects.


sannika said...

Ooo.. vähitellen minulle alkaa hahmottua, miksi esmes Tuscan Rose myy kuvia kalvoilla... Itse olen siirtänyt paperilta ja helpommallakin siis voisi päästä. Kiitos linkistä!

Henryn vaimoista tulee varmasti hieno sarja :-)

-mari- said...

Juu, itsekin olen internetin ihmeellisestä maailmasta löytänyt näitä tiedonmurusia ja opetellut kantapään kautta siirtämistekniikoita:)