Sunday, 6 July 2008

A day in Vyborg, Russia

I did get a chance to go abroad this summer after all. A day in Russia is abroad isn't it? I live quite near the Russian border, and it wouldn't take more than 15 minutes to travel there. But you need to have a (relatively expensive) visa and the customs formalities take forever when you go over the border. But anyway, this time we travelled to Vyborg and had a lovely day shopping and just chilling.

There was this interesting face carved on one of the old linden trees in Torkkeli park.

These were yummy! Fried sunflower seeds.


Ansku said...

Ihania kuvia, sekä aivan ihanat nuo kortit jossa on talo ja naisia.

Kurkkaahan tänne:

Anonymous said...

I love you photos.


-mari- said...

Oi kiitoksia kovasti ansku:)

Thank you Petri!

Anonymous said...

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