Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Lanterns for autumn nights

It's been raining for two days. The summer is definitely over and so are the lazy days when I was just thrifting and searching for inspiration. I should really get on with my work now, the duties are piling up.

Here are some unfinished collages I've been working with for a while. They are getting ready slowly but surely. Well... they'll have to be ready in five weeks, when I have a small exhibition. Making collages is like wave movement, sometimes all the parts click together very fast, and sometimes you just need to let it rest. Usually a little pressure is good though. If I did'n have any deadlines, I'd get nothing done.

This is my "Physalis alkekengi". I think it's called Chinese lantern plant or winter cherry. Anyway I like it a lot, it really brightens up my balkony.

I actually like autumn..
soon the trees will be full of colors, nights are getting darker and I can light candles. I just wish it wouldn't rain so much. It's not funny to get soaking wet every time I ride my bike. And I do that a lot because I don't have a car! Maybe I need to buy a nice colorful raincoat that'll make me smile every time I wear it.

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alice k. said...

It is so true what you say about making collages! Lately nothing has been clicking. Maybe I need to settle on a format, like you have done!