Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Keeping it small and slow

I've been busy and tired at work, but the mini art journaling challenge keeps me inspired. It's a good stress release to dive into little art projects. Small is the key word for me right now. If I had to make big pages and large paintings I'd be overwhelmed and even more stressed out. Small is good and calming.

I have also started a long planned scrapbook project with my old photos. I mean the really old ones. There are pictures of my grandparents parents and their siblings and friends etc. A lot of mysterious group portraits from which I can't really identify anyone. It's propably going to be a very simple album with few photos and some basic information, since I have so little material. But I love doing it anyway, slowly but surely.


Pia K said...

Että voi olla taas jotain tosi kaunista... oi miten ihailen tuota valkoista rauhallisuutta ja keveyttä... Ja hitaasti on hyvä!

Anski said...

Oi, todella kauniita.
Tuo mini art haaste vaikuttaa tosi kivalle ja mielenkiintoiselle. Itse tykkään väsätä mielellään pikkuruisia askarteluja.

Ihanan näköisiä vanhoja valokuvia, albumista tulee varmaan tosi kiva.